Best Day of The Year… Until Tomorrow.

My first year as a graduate assistant (coach & grad school) in a new environment, new relationships, and massive opportunity for growth were the biggest drivers in the creation of this guiding mantra. Looking back it helped me a lot more than I even realize, especially when facing hardships & adversity.

Now it is more of a reminder in the background, being the north star that allows me to dive into other interests, principles and self discovery.

Today is the best day of our life because it is the only one in our control. The biggest day of our life is right now. We can impact today and these moments, until the next opportunity comes, tomorrow. We are grateful for the opportunity to wake up and then are asked a question by life and our answers are our choices. Who we choose to be.

Not that everyday will be a highlight reel. It is about the journey and having the choice. The choice to make it the best we can with what is in our control.

“The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.” — Ryan Holiday “Obstacle is the Way.”

We can improve your condition through your perception, understanding what is within your control, what is not, understanding the difference.

As a graduate assistant coach, there were a lot of times I spent too much energy on the things that were out of my control. A natural cause being new to a role, excited for the opportunity, and in need a lot more personal work of understanding myself.

Daily practice of the mantra gave me something to focus on that I could be successful in that was also 100% within my control.

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