Breath: A Foundational Building Block of Health & Getting Nasal Using Oxygen Advantage Principles.

Underlying Principles: Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown.

Get Nasal: Ultimately our mouth is for speaking, eating, and emergency situations. The goal is getting our breath predominantly nasal.

  • Breathe Light (Biochemistry): Reducing the volume of air you are taking in creating a tolerable air hunger. Think feather/mustache breathing, as the softening of the inhale should cause no turbulence or movement and the exhale feels as if it is falling out.
  • Breathe Slow (Cadence): Working off of a cadence of 4 seconds in and 6 seconds out, respiratory rate is slowed down to 6 breaths per minute
  • Breathe Deep (Biomechanics): Breathing in with fuller breaths looking to fill low and with lateral expansion. Placing hands on ribs to feel expansion out as they fill can provide simple feedback.



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Bryant Ferate

Bryant Ferate

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