Exploring Education Outside of Your Current Circle of Competence.

What have been some of your favorite education/courses/books you have completed or are interested in pursuing outside of your current profession?

I am fascinated how people can expand outside their current role to pursue other avenues of education and explore their curiosity. Learning and developing skills that indirectly make you better personally (life) and professionally (craft). Increasing your current circle of competence through increasing your range across disciplines.

For example, I am currently a Performance Coach at the University of Portland. Investing in both strength & conditioning related topics as well as other areas to grow.

I believe in this process of exploration and discovery it has made me a better coach and better human being. Developing knowledge and wisdom outside your specific role helps you connect the dots in the future as you develop more range and expand your circle of competence.

Some examples that I have completed previously.

  • Audience Building Course learning the principles of building a high leverage audience in 4 days by Sahil Bloom.
  • Ship 30 for 30 a cohort-based course teaching you the fundamentals of writing on the internet by Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole.
  • Decision by Design learning the skills and systems you need to master decision-making by Shane Parrish & Farnam Street.
  • Training Jiu Jitsu at Renzo Gracie Academy Portland with Aaron Milam.
  • Coaching of Oxygen Advantage Breathing Principles by Chris Villanella

I am very curious in how others in the coaching world as well as other professionals continue to learn within their profession and outside of it. I would love you hear all of your thoughts or recommendations.

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