Momento Mori, Momento Vivre, & Patience.

There is an interesting contrast in our thinking about how much time we have. Believing we can do it all because we have time, being a rush to make the most of every moment in our life, and the understanding we must do the essential as we can not do it all.

The tension is between the paradox of we have a lot of time and we are running out of time. Today is my 30.5 birthday. I am 1586 weeks old. According to Oliver Burkeman we get roughly 4000 to live. Our brains reaction and individual reactions to this fact is absolutely fascinating.

This paradox was recently discussed with Gary V on the Daily Stoic Podcast with Ryan Holiday. For example, using the philosophic reminder of Memento Mori, reminding us that we could leave life right now. On the other side of the reminder Gary V shines light on an important part. We have time. “I’m not talking about complacency, I am talking about patience (not laziness).” Is the feeling of we are running out of time really just us having a lack of patience?

Momento Mori: “You could leave life right now, let that determine what you do, say, and think.”

Momento Vivre: “Remember to Live”

Patience: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

It may be an ebb and flow between the two while building the skill of being able to practice both. Reminding ourselves that it is true we could leave life right now but also recognize we need to remember to live.

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