Range. Diversity. Circle of Competence.

“Our greatest strength is the exact opposite of narrow specialization. It is the ability to integrate broadly.”

I love this idea. David Epstein’s book Range explained the importance of being able to express/have range across multiple expertise. Being able to cast a wide net of influences, experiences, knowledge, trial and error.

Being able to consistently show up in life with a wider shadow. Giving you the ability to pivot while simultaneously being able to dive deeper into conversation, thought and connecting with others.

Range is something to strive towards without meaning to. Similar to community and authenticity, it is not something you set out for it is more of a byproduct. (credit to Jedidiah Jenkins and Rich Roll… will get to this later)

When I think of range I think of Joe Rogan.

The practice of range in his craft, hobbies and how he lives his life. Fear Factor Host, stand up comedian, host of the podcast Joe Rogan Experience, UFC commentator to start. Then diving into his hobbies and personal life of being a father of three daughters, husband, and all of the of what his podcast platform shines light on. For example diving into other comedians’ lives, health, wellness, performance, politics, MMA, bow hunting, aliens, conspiracies, and the most important of them all connecting with others through the art of asking questions.

I am fascinated by learning, development, and helping others do the same. Working towards trying a new hobby or developing a new skill, ultimately is one piece of what life’s all about. This may not be for everyone but to me range is essential for the fullest life experience. Learn, develop skills, connect, and stay curious.

From Range “(Christopher) Connelly’s primary finding was that early in their careers, those who later made successful transitions had broader training and kept multiple “career streams” open even as they pursued a primary specialty. They “traveled on an eight-lane highway”, he wrote, rather than down a single-lane one way street. They had range. The successful adapters were excellent at taking knowledge from one pursuit and applying it creatively to another, and at avoiding cognitive entrenchment.”

What is your process for creating range?

Credit, thank you, and a lot of gratitude for the influence to those below.

  • Joe Rogan
  • David Epstein, Range: Why Generalists Triumph In A Specialized World
  • Jedidiah Jenkins & Rich Roll
  • Sahil Bloom

Best Day of the Year, Until Tomorrow…

Bryant Ferate



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