The Wheelhouse of Performance: Self Awareness & Steering Clear of Autopilot

All Aboard. The day to day demands of being a student-athlete is an exhaustive list of to-do’s. Doing what is asked and needed is difficult to navigate especially when under a high stress to perform.

Perform in sport is not the only goal. It’s important to understand performing in life at our highest level is the true goal.

With the list of “trying” to be our best in practice, film, meeting with coaches, competition, academics, meeting with professors, friendships, and work it can force you into approaching it all with the mindset of checking the boxes.

We must be the PILOTS. Engaged and actively involved in making our decisions.

The opposite is autopilot. When we check boxes just to get it over with and with the only hope being we make it to tomorrow. Finally snapping out of auto pilot and its senior year graduation day. “Damn that went fast.”

Building the skill of self awareness with your teammates to be more actively engaged in your life. With self awareness you can then catch yourself and hit the switch to turn off autopilot.

  • Weight Room Session
  • Breakfast
  • Class
  • Study Hall
  • Class
  • Lunch
  • Early Work
  • Practice
  • Dinner
  • Homework
  • Hang Out With Friends
  • Go To Bed
  • Repeat Something Similar.

Take control of your choices by pausing, being intentional, engaged, and leveraging your self awareness compared to only checking boxes.

Less autopilot. More PILOTS.

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