Two Tests: Getting What You Want Out of Live & Figuring Out What That Is.

Bryant Ferate
2 min readFeb 8, 2022


What do I want? Fulfillment, purpose, living in alignment with my values and who am I becoming/who do I want to become have been primary concepts that I have found myself going back to daily. Reviewing, reflecting, asking tough questions, challenging myself to answer and most of all deeply understand myself.

This has been the epicenter for my writing. CLARITY.

“The only real test of intelligence is if you get what you want out of life.” Naval Ravikant

This quote really made me think. There really are two tests in life. The real tests are getting what you want out of life and actually figuring out what you truly want.

Figuring out truly deep down in your soul, what you want out of life. Greater understanding of yourself, why, and then relentlessly pursuing it on your own terms. Isn’t that livin? As Matthew McConaughey has said famously back in the day “Just Keep Livin”. We all have the opportunity to define livin for ourselves through really figuring out what you want and then answering with action.

The power in this quote comes from breaking away the social pressure, stereo typical mold, or climbing the ladder. The key is “what you want”, it is on your terms. There are many social pressures that can challenge you into living your life in accordance in others terms, the “Shoulds” or “Supposed to’s” that are created in our mind. Should follow a specific career path, go to college to study x, getting into the financial/compensation comparison game, married by a certain age, own a home by 30, etc.

Identify what you want to get out of life. What brings you fulfillment, purpose, and aligns with who you want to become.

Then take action towards becoming who you want to be.

Answer the test.

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